Concetto and Antonina Trovato's Marriage Certificate Copy.

Concetto Trovato and Antonina Quagliata's Marriage Certificate

Translation provided by Vittorio Quagliata:

City Hall of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia

Province of Catania

Certificate of Marriage

The Civil Status Registrar Certifies

That from the registry of marriage certificates in the year 1931 (deed n. 12, part II, serial A), it shows that in the day of the 16th of March, 1931, a wedding was contracted in Fiumefreddo, Sicily between Concetto Trovato, son of Rosario and Angela Di Bella, and Antonina Quagliata daughter of Carmelo and Pietra Maugeri.

Issued for emigration use, 8/23/1949

The Civil Status Registrar

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