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Gaspard Gabriel Quagliata (1909-1966), who we believe is the grandson of Giuseppe Quagliata (1840?-1920?) and a member of the Caltanissetta, Sicily family, owned a wrought iron enterprise in Agadir, Morocco from 1950-1960.  Gaspard's grandson, Stéphane Quagliata (b.1971), sent us an old photo card of the harbor at Agadir and in it you can see Gaspard's shop and his sign.  The card, in its original hand coloring, is shown below (the full size scan can be seen by clicking here).


The harbor at Agadir, Morocco  c.1955
The harbor at Agadir, Morocco  c.1955


Blowup: Gaspard Quagliata's Ironworks in Agadir, Morocco  c.1955
This is a blow up of the middle of the left side of the photo card above.  Gaspard Quagliata's ironworks sign is in front of the center building.


Blowup: Gaspard Quagliata's Ironworks sign in Agadir, Morocco  c.1955
 This is a blow up of the center portion of the image above.  Here you can see Gaspard Quagliata's sign and can just make out the name "QUAGLIATA".

Our thanks to Stéphane for sharing this interesting photo card.

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