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About the Website.
Welcome and Introduction.
Knowledge Acquisition.
A Narrative History.
   The Quagliata Coat of Arms
   Quagliata ancestors 1200-1400
   Quagliata name in the 1400s
Giovan Domenico Quagliata (1570-16??).
Giovan Battista Quagliata (1607-1673).
Lineage Chart of Giovan Domenico Quagliata (1570?-16??).
Quagliata Origins Chart and current state of knowledge.
Narrative History of Mario Quagliata (1843?-19??)
Narrative History of the descendants of Mario Quagliata (1843-19??).
    Children of Mario’s first marriage, wife’s name unknown -
            Salvatore Quagliata (1860?-1???, from first marriage)
            Giuseppe Quagliata (1862?-1???, from first marriage)
            Leonardo Quagliata (1865?-1???, from first marriage)
            Joseph? Quagliata (1867?-1???, from first marriage)
    Children of Mario’s second marriage to Maria Cristina Barcellona.
            Mario and Maria’s parents, marriage, Rosa and Carmelo -
            Giovanni Quagliata (1878-1945, from second marriage)
            Pietro Quagliata (1877-19??, from second marriage)
            Angelo Quagliata (1887-19??, from second marriage)
            Giuseppe Quagliata (1885-1971, from second marriage)
Richard's Chart.
More Quagliata Narratives.
    Sant’Alessio Siculo, Sicily Patriarchs -
Pasquale Quagliata (18??-1???)
            Carmelo Quagliata (1780-18??)
            Aurelio Quagliata (1900-19??)
    Caltanissetta, Sicily - Giuseppe Quagliata (1843?-1920?)
    Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily Patriarchs -
Peter Quagliata (18??-19??)
            Salvatore Quagliata (18??-18??)
            Melchor Quagliata (1???-1???)
            Melchiorre Quagliata (1???-1???)
            Pietro Quagliata (1870-19??)
            Santiago Quagliata (1880?-19??)
    Forza D’Agro, Sicily Patriarchs -
Mario Quagliata (1843-19??)

Giuseppe Quagliata (1775-1???)
    Linguaglossa, Sicily - Alfio Quagliata (1862-1949)
    Messina, Sicily Patriarchs -
            Agostino Quagliata (1875?-1???)
            Rosario Quagliata (1???-19??)
    Unknown town, Sicily Patriarchs
            Dominic Quagliata (18??-1???)
            Great Grandfather of Patrizia Quagliata (1???-1???)
            Anthony Quagliata (1882-1975)
    Balvano, Italy Patriarchs -
            Antonio Quagliata
            Giuseppe Quagliata (1???-1???)
            Antonio Quagliata (1911-1977)
            Gerardo Quagliata (1???-1962)
                 Antonio Quagliata (1???-1966)
            Nicholas Quagliata (18??-19??)
Napoli, Italy Patriarchs - Pietro Quagliata (18??-18??)
    Pettorano Sul Gizio, Italy Patriarchs - Pasquale Quagliata (1860-1???)
    Northern Italy Patriarchs - Savario Quagliata (1???-1???)
    Southern Italy Patriarchs - Grandfather of Humberto Quagliata (1???-1???)
    Italy Patriarchs - Grandfather of Joseph V. Quagliata (1???-1???)
Lineage Chart
    Richard Quagliata's Chart

More Quagliata Information
    Family Talents
            Humberto Quagliata concert pianist
            Narcissus Quagliata stained glass artist
            Orfeo Quagliata glass work artist
            Mario Quagliata gardener           
            John, Carl and Alfred Quagliata Italian cuisine USA
            Chrisopher and Carmelo Quagliata musicians
            Gian Paolo Quagliata Italian cuisine Italy
            Elise Quagliata Italian opera
    Surname Distribution
Origin of the Quagliata Surname
Occupational origin from 'Quagliata' cheese making
'Quagliata' Cheese Celebrations
    History of the Quagliata Surname
Italian American History
    The Joy of Growing Up Italian American
    Treatment of Italian Americans During World War II
Contributors List
Supplementary Pages
Site Map
    Recent Email
    Origin of the Quagliata Coat of Arms
    The Paintings of Giovan Battista Quagliata
    Mario Quagliata’s Peppers
    Melrose Peppers
    Mario Quagliata’s Pigeons
    Gaspard Quagliata's Ironworks
    Quagliata Band from Ayr Australia
    Quagliata Home Towns in Sicily
    Quagliata Signet Ring
    Quagliata - Trovato Group Photo 1949
    Concetto Trovato & Antonina Quagliata Marriage Certificate
    Quagliata Group Photo - Chicago 1987
    Quagliata Group Photo - Michigan 2001
    30th Annual Quagliata Family Reunion July 17, 2005
Mission statement and info.
Welcome and intro info.
How we gain knowledge.

Coat of Arms study.
Early Quagliata ancestors.

Giovan D Quagliata (1570?-16??)
Giovan B Quagliata (1603?-1673)
Lineage of G.D. Quagliata
'Quagliata Origins', and the 'Narrative History' of Mario Quagliata's (1843-19??) lineage from both of his marriages.

Complete genealogical listing.
More Quagliata Narratives
contains the narratives of Quagliata families we are currently unable to link to Mario Quagliata (1843?-19??).

Genealogical listings -
Lineage listing
Richard's Genealogy Chart
More Quagliata Information
provides information on family
talents and surname distribution.

Essay on the Origin and History of the Quagliata Surname.

Essay on Italian American History.

List of website contributors.
Links to webpages, some of which are not on the main click menus.


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